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DNE Photo
 ‘A child for sale’
In Video: Photojournalist Ziada tells the story of 496 days behind bars
Yemeni video
In Video: Yemenis in Egypt struggle to return home
video economic summit
In Video: Giovanna Ceglie :- Economic Summit good step in attracting FDI
youtube oil and gas
In Video: Egypt oil and gas conference discusses energy issues
In Video: Witness to the killing of Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh
In Video: At least 23 people killed on 25 January Revolution fourth anniversary
Faten Hamama
In Video: In the memory of Faten Hamama
In Video: The people demand in 2015
Over 100 deaths by abuse in Egyptian prisons in 2014: Report

(AFP Photo)
Life and death in Egyptian prisons

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