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Court upholds jail term for activists Douma, Maher, and Adel

Egyptian activicts Mohamed Adel (L), Ahmed Douma (C) and Ahmed Maher (R) stand in the accused dock during their trial on December 22, 2013 in the capital Cairo. An Egyptian court sentenced three activists who spearheaded the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak to three years in jail for organising an unlicensed protest, judicial sources said. It was the first such verdict against non-Islamist protesters since the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi in July, and was seen by rights groups as part of a widening crackdown on demonstrations by military-installed authorities. 


Activists were sentenced to 3 years in prison in December 2013

3 militants killed in North Sinai, 68 others arrested

3 militants killed, 68 others arrested in North Sinai.
(Photo State of Sinai militants captured)

Armed forces post 40 photos of military operations against insurgents

Foreign governments, UN ‘deeply disturbed’ by deadly 25 January clashes

Following the demonstrations, clashes, and deaths that marked the fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, the United Nations and governments across the world issued comments scrutinising the severe response of the Egyptian police and security forces.

(DNE Photo)

Foreign ministry refutes criticism from UN, United States, Britain, and Turkey

1 killed, 2 injured in Alexandria bomb blast

Several explosive devices found across Egypt

The Republic of Matariya

At least 12 protesters were killed Sunday in Matariya, a working class area in north-eastern Cairo, that has become a flashpoint of anti-government protests since the beginning of the 25 January Revolution
(Photo by Hamed Abu El-Dahab)

Cairo neighbourhood witnessed deadliest clashes in third and fourth anniversaries of revolution

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Popular Alliance claim authorities banned Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh funeral

Funeral of Shimaa Al-Sabbagh in Alexandria. 

(Photo by Ahmed Abdeen to DNE)

Al-Sabbagh's death brings former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi back to forefront of political scene

Women to protest at site of Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh killing

Socialist Popular Alliance member  carries Shaimaa al-Sabbagh who was killed as police broke up their march in downtown Cairo, Egypt 24 January 2015

Organisers are certain bullet came from government and “refuse to be silenced”

Egypt to apply for North Africa candidacy on UN Security Council

Egypt to apply for North Africa candidacy on UN Security Council.

(AFP/File  Emmanuel Dunand)

Foreign minister arrived in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to attend ministerial meetings as part of African Union's 24th summit

Protests continue for 3rd day in Egypt

Unconfirmed reports on deaths in Matariya and Helwan

Court postpones ‘Shi’a lynching’ case to 10 February

Defendants are charged with killing Shi’a cleric Hassan Shehata and three others

North Sinai political, civil groups demand lift of curfew hours

According to the amendments of the 2012 constitution, the status of the military remains the same, but they reinforce the military’s structural and financial independence  
(AFP Photo)

Warnings of open strikes and electoral boycotts if ignored by government

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12,000 SMEs facing problems in construction sector

Funding projects is the main obstacle they are facing, says Daker Abdellah 

(Photo courtesy of Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Investment)

Funding projects is the main obstacle they are facing, says Daker Abdellah

Obourland Cheese Company to launch 2 factories with EGP 100m investments

Egyptian market is very promising, and is biggest global white cheese market, says Tetra Pak MD

Agreement signed converting 2,000 cars to run on natural gas

210,000 cars running on natural gas, 180 supply stations and 74 conversion centres created between 2012 and 2014
(AFP Photo / Khaled Desouki)

210,000 cars running on natural gas, 180 supply stations and 74 conversion centres created between 2012 and 2014

Government provides housing ministry with new EGP 1bn

The national project is expected to provide 1m residential units. Construction was projected to last five years, from fiscal year (FY) 2012/13 to FY 2016/17, with an average of 200,000 units expected to be constructed per year.

(DNE File Photo)

Mehleb discussed with Arab Organisation for Industrialisation developing 4.8 million street lighting units

2nd round Drift Championship 2014/2015 to launch in February

The championship, organised by STT Race Management will be held over six rounds

(Photo courtesy of Egyptian Drifting Championship Facebook page)

The championship, organised by STT Race Management will be held over six rounds, with the first round held last October and won by Karim Shalash, Hesham ...

Federation of Egyptian Industries submits proposal amending automotive sector taxation

By Ahmed Amer The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) has submitted a proposal to the ministries of Industry and Finance to amend the tax and customs system ...

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ITG close to agreement with oil companies to recycle electronic waste

ITG aims to recycle 100 tonnes a month during 2015

(AFP Photo)

We aim to recycle 100 tonnes a month during 2015, says CEO

Android continues to increase its market share at others’ expenseby

Android expanded its market share to 84.4% by the end of the third quarter (Q3) of 2014.

(AFP Photo)

Android continued, in the Q3 2014, to dominate the market according to IDC, having gained 84.4% of the market by the end of the quarter, compared ...

Samsung Egypt hires 15 Korean experts to improve after-sale services

Samsung Egypt still has a local market lead, says head of mobile phone sector.

(AFP Photo)

Regarding the decline of Samsung’s market share in 2014, Al-Gamal emphasised that the company still has a local market lead.

Telecom Egypt resorts to appeals court to annul interdependence case verdict

The verdict came out in favour of Vodafone

National Postal Authority projects in 2015

Egypt Post’s projects mainly concern developing workers’ performance and office machinisationز
(Photo Egypt Post Handout)

Daily News Egypt prepared a list of the most important projects that are planned to be run by the authority during 2015.

Samsung sells EGP 5.5bn-worth of smart phones in Egypt over 10 months

Samsung represented the largest share of smart phone sales in Egypt

Samsung represented the largest share of smart phone sales on the market, with 72.9% or EGP 5.5bn in sales over the 10-month period, according to the ...

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An Egyptian reality programme about people’s lives and dreams

The small team consists of 16 people and is responsible of choosing the stories and to live with the people while shooting the show. 
(Photo handout from Hetetna team)

Each episode explores the lives of three people in different neighbourhoods

Egypt enters Guinness record with the world’s largest Koshary plate

Preparations of making the world’s biggest plate koshary plate took 4 hours .

(Photo from Experience Egypt Facebook Page)

Disappointment hit some due to bad organisation, while others found it satisfying

The bard comes to Alexandria

Performing Hamlet in Alexandria Library is one of the  two-year tour the cast perform around the world.
(Photo from The Bibliotheca Alexandria promotional material)

London’s Globe Theatre performs Hamlet in Alexandria for one night only

A girl tries to break Egyptian social taboos

Menattullah cleaned the street side where she opened the stand and re-coloured the pavement to keep the environment as clean as possible

(Photo from Mennatullah’s  facebook page)

Opening a hot drinks stand in downtown Cairo aims to erase the “for men only” jobs taboo

Despite losing one of his legs, a student goes from Cairo to Ain Sokhna on his bicycle

During the trip from Cairo to Ain Sokhna which took him 7 hours. 
(Photo from Hana Essam facebook page)

After six years of treatment, his passion lit the way to his inner strength

Photographs capture reactions as ‘Spiderman’ comes to Egypt

The photo session spotted the problems citizens deal with daily like transportation
(Photo from Facebook page)

A question popped into a group of friends’ minds and they decided to see the answer for themselves: “What if Spiderman landed in Egypt?!”

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The writer is a doctor trying to diagnose the diseases of societies: Abdallah

Naguib decided to publish his first article just after he got his medical doctorate degree 
(Photo handout from Mohammed Naguib Abdullah)

In his interview with Daily News Egypt, the 41 year-old writer revealed some secrets about the preparations for his controversial novels and stories and provided some ...

Restoration specialist claims King Tut mask can be restored

The golden mask of King Tut in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
(Photo by Mohamed Osama)

A botched attempt to re-affix the beard of King Tutankhamen, which left the mask damaged, can be restored according to specialist

‘Fractals’ latest solo-exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery

“Exhale” from the “Fractals” exhibition. (Photo of painting provided by Nada Baraka)

Artist Nada Baraka has her first solo-exhibition “Fractals”, where she uses abstract work to explore perceptions of the human body

‘In Harm’s Path’ reveals secrets of Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 plans

Fouda described the media shows now with a process of mind violation for Egyptians (Photo by amany kamal)

Yousry Fouda describes the details of his interview with the organisers of the attacks, and the other side of ISIS

In the memory of Radwa Ashour, her friends mourn their loss

Ashour died at the age of 78 after a long battle with cancer. 
(Photo public domain)

Ashour is one of the few writers who combined the magic of fairytales and the reality of the actual world in her novels.

The survival strategies of Downtown’s bookstores

The bookstores located in Down town Cairo have been serving people with rare books for 65 years. 
(Photo by Nadine El Guiddawy  )

In Downtown’s busy streets, Cairo’s oldest bookshops still endure: a look at how they started and where they are now

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Ongoing investigations into Al-Sabbagh’s death as interior ministry denies accusations

Picture of Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh posted on a Facebook page launched in her memory. Al-Sabbagh was killed by security forces on 24 January, 2015

(Photo from Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh Tribute Facebook Page )

Testimonies point to violations by police that resulted in Al-Sabbagh's death

Where is the Egyptian revolution?

Riot police fire water cannons at protesters attempting to cross the Qasr Al Nile Bridge in downtown Cairo AFP Photo / Peter Macdiarmid

Demands increase on each anniversary, as do calls against every new regime

Prince Salman promises continuity as he takes Saudi Arabia throne

Prince Salman promises continuity as he takes Saudi Arabia throne.

(AFP File Photo)

Its backing will remain unchanged, but the lifeblood of Gulf aid cannot continue indefinitely

Media ethics in post-30 June Egypt

Photo reads "clensing of the media"

Religious figures, actors and other irrelevant guests are hosted to discuss and analyse matters of political importance on media channels, which neither differ in conduct nor ...

Parliament caught in political ambiguity: will the president respect legislative independence?

1)	Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with political party leaders in January 2015 for first time since he became president. 

(Photo by Presidential Office)

Experts warn of unfair representation, state control and failing public’s expectations

Calls for a ‘religious revolution’

Writer Karm Saber who is contesting a contempt of religion verdict .

(Photo Public domain)

Al-Sisi’s call for a “religious revolution” was criticised, but was not followed by protests

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History, culture, and scenic grandeur on Mount Catherine

Mountain view of Saint Catherine village in Sinai.

(Photo by Eduard Cousin)

Besides the beautiful landscape of mountains, wadis and canyons, the traditional Bedouin society is a large part of the beauty of Saint Catherine.

Eid travel: Discover something new this year

The views from atop the Temple of the Oracle are also well worth seeing. You can look out over the palm trees in all directions and see the beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa

(Photo by Joel Gulhane)

Here are a few ideas to help you relax and a hide away from the crowds

Once-leading Red Sea oceanography institute now lifeless

Two meter mummified turtle.

(Photo by Aya Nader)

Tourism restrictions, legal dispute keep visitors from discovering mermaid mysteries and underwater secrets

Walking with the Bedouins

Photo Courtesy of The Bedouin Way

Sleep under the starry heavens and get to know the desert dwellers

Tourism Assistance Fund aiming for 25% annual returns: Investment manager

Egypt’s Tourism Assistance Fund is looking for annual returns of 25% on investments, or $250m in the first phase of underwriting, according to Amr Askar, investment ...

Tax Authority agrees with tourism industry to divide new tax into installments: chairman

Installments will be based on each company’s circumstances

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Formula 1 regulations change in 2015 championship

Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) announced changes in the regulations of the championship of 2015, which will be applied on the championship taking place in Australia on 15 February.

FIA made these changes regarding car fronts due to safety issues. Car fronts in the 2015 season will be of lower height with tapered ends, ...

The road to the Australian Open

Czech player Petra Kvitova (ranked no 4) won the women’s singles after defeating her compatriot K. Pliskova (ranked no 22) with scores of 7-6, 7-6.

Serbia’s V. Troicki (ranked no 54 worldwide) was able to claim the Apia men’s title this year by defeating Kazakhstan’s M. Kukushin (ranked no 51) in ...

January witnesses 9 major tennis competitions

Federer achieved his 1,000th victory in his professional career to enter the club of thousands alongside Americans Jimmy Connors, with 1,253 victories, and Ivan Lendl, with 1,071 victories.

Federer achieved his 1,000th victory in his professional career to enter the club of thousands alongside Americans Jimmy Connors, with 1,253 victories, and Ivan Lendl, with ...

Africa Cup of Nations: A remarkable history

In its 30th edition, the championship is attracting the interest of many fans following the qualifying tournament, which held many surprises after the loss of major ...

Ronaldo wins best player title for 2nd year: FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015

Christiano Ronaldo, midfielder and attacker of the Portuguese team and Real Madrid, won the Ballon d’Or Gala for best player in 2014, granted by FIFA, for the second year in a row and for the third time in his career.


Ronaldo won the award for the first time in 2008, when it was only held by FIFA, also against Lionel Messi

Formula 1 schedule for 2015 published

Formula 1-2015-ferrari landscape

Chief Executive of Formula One Group, Bernie Ecclestone, included Korea in the race schedule for legal reasons, since the race organisers could have filed a suit ...

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