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Egyptian ceasefire initiative includes no conditions for either party: Al-Sisi

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi addressing the nation at the 62 anniversary of the 1952 revolution

(Photo Presidency handout)

Internationally backed Egyptian proposal was rejected by Hamas, Gaza Strip’s governing body

UN Human Rights Council investigates human rights violations in Palestine

The Palestinian death toll surpassed 500 on Monday since Israel's airstrikes and ground operation in Gaza.

(Handout from the Palestinian Ministry of Interior )

Council strongly condemns violence resulting from Israeli offensive in Gaza; welcomes Egypt’s ceasefire initiative

One child killed every hour in Gaza: UNOCHA

One child killed every hour in Gaza.
(Handout from the Palestinian Ministry of Interior)

Palestinian death toll over 650, mass displacements, airstrikes, and shelling continue

Kerry arrives in Israel amid diplomatic efforts to broker ceasefire agreement

United States Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel on Wednesday morning in an effort to help broker a ceasefire to put an end to the Israeli offensive in Gaza, which has marked its 16th day.

(AFP File Photo)

Ban Ki Moon “strongly condemns” Hamas rocket attacks; calls on both parties to “stop fighting”

Military reveals investigation findings of Al-Farafra attack

The Al-Farafra checkpoint attack, which killed 22 Egyptian border guards on Saturday, was conducted by 20 armed men in vehicles equipped with explosives

(Photo by Mohsen Nabil\DNE)

Attack executed by 20 armed men in vehicles equipped with explosives, says army spokesperson

US, UN stand by Egyptian ceasefire proposal

Ban Ki Moon, Kerry head to Cairo for Gaza ceasefire talks.

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AFP/Getty Images)

Both push for ceasefire, hope it will be followed by dialogue on causes of the crisis

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‘The government…has little interest in financial support for housing’: EIPR

A report released this month by the EIPR criticised the Egyptian government for its lack of transparency of funding allocations, while other parts of the report described the current low-income housing plan as inaccessible to those in need.

(DNE Photo)

New report criticises Egypt’s affordable housing programmes

French contractor to supply Egyptian navy with 4 frigates: Industry source

French contractor to supply Egyptian navy with 4 frigates.

(AFP File Photo)

Egypt would be the globe’s second non-French operator of ultra-modern Gowind-class corvettes

Foreign ministry welcomes Libyan parliamentary election results

The foreign ministry congratulated Tuesday its western neighbour Libya after the conclusion of parliamentary elections. "Egypt is looking forward to working with the House of ...

Hamas has fundamental choice to make: Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry 
(Getty Images/AFP//File, Alex Wong)

Kerry discusses Gaza and ceasefire efforts with Egypt's president and foreign minister

EU Election Observation Mission presents final report

Chief Observer Mario David presenting the final report of the European Union Election Observation Mission at a press conference on Tuesday. (Photo by Ali Omar)

Chief observer recommends Egypt “rebuild confidence” in political process

2 tribal leaders killed in North Sinai

Unidentified gunmen kill tribal leaders in separate incidents on same day

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Delay in imports of gas for electricity threatens the industrial sector in Egypt


EGAS stopped pumping gas to MOPCO, EFC, and EBIC factories; reduction of 80% of gas needs of cement plants

Power stations boosting fuel consumption at expense of industrial sector: EGAS

Fuel station deficit worth 6m cubic metres of gas and equivalent daily

Sanitary measures imposed on Egypt have negative impact on export: ERF


Government should support firms to increase their quality and productivity in order to export

Finance Ministry expects EGP11bn from special funds and accounts for FY 2014/2015: Ministry official

Annual profit deduction of 10% compared to last year’s 20%, to strengthen involvement of governorates in development projects

Sinai Cement begins preparations for coal usage

Sinai Cement begins preparations for coal usage.

(AFP Photo)

Company will link with local contractors and suppliers to equip factory for coal using capabilities

Returns on treasury bills rise, negative impact on economic growth expected

CBE raised interest rates to combat inflation, which threatens inflation of the cost of government debt, given that the state is the largest borrower from the bank.

(DNE Photo)

Prices jumped 1% for returns on treasury bills in the hours after central bank raised the interest rates by same amount

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Electronic payments benefit people excluded from formal financial services: MasterCard Country Manager

Mobile Money solutions emerged as the suitable option which could rapidly open doors for Egyptian people from all walks of life, Magdy Hassan says.

(Photo Courtesy of MasterCard)

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News Egypt, Magdy Hassan, Country Manager of MasterCard Egypt, highlighted the programmes and services the credit card provider offers. ...

UAE to establish space agency and send the first Arab spaceship to Mars by 2021

The probe will take nine months to make the more than 60m kilometre journey to Mars and will mark UAE out as one of only nine ...

Use of electronic payments to pay taxes increases GNP by 0.75% per annum: eFinance study

Converting 10% of the country’s total payments into electronic payments within increases GNP by 1%. 

(AFP Photo)

Electronic payments for taxes increase GNP by 0.75% per annum due to more liquidity available in the country, the study says

YallaKora.com sees 135% more daily visits than market average

YallaKora becomes the best performing website during the World Cup.

(Photo courtesy of YallaKora )

Around 47% of Arab online football viewers visited YallaKora.com, according to the sports’ website

Environment ministry and Microsoft discuss developing monitoring systems

Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy held talks Tuesday with computer software giant Microsoft on applying electronic information systems for environmental monitoring to observe violations.

(Photo Ministry of Environment Handout)

Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy seeks development of monitoring system for process of transferring coal and vehicle exhaust emissions

2.5m smartcards for petroleum products distributed so far: EGPC chairman

Egypt has suffered from diesel shortages over the last two years, and the government has recently announced fuel prices hike for some industrial factories. (AFP\Photo)

About 11,000 smartcard machines have been placed at gas stations in order for customers to use their cards to access fuel at the subsidised price.

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Made in Prison

Sentenced to serve five years in prison after she was arrested in December during an anti-coup protest at Al-Azhar University, Asmaa Hamdy started her own line of handbags to promote a message of hope

(Photo from “Free Asmaa Masr” Facebook page)

A dental student arrested during anti-coup protests at Al-Azhar University is making and selling handbags from prison

Gallup ranks Egypt ‘third most negative country’, but silver linings remain

Amid political turmoil and economic uncertainty, what makes Egyptians feel optimistic?

(Photo by Marwa Morgan)

Amid political turmoil and economic uncertainty, what makes Egyptians feel optimistic?

New app fights black market pharmaceuticals

A group of young Egyptian programmers, who call themselves GENU, has developed a smartphone application that can differentiate between genuine and fake drugs

Ramadan beneath the surface: Fish at Farag since Farouk times

Grilled shrimp temptation at Farag Fish Restaurant
Mohamed Anis
Grilled shrimp temptation at Farag Fish Restaurant

(Photo by Mohamed Anis)

Ramadan provides an annual opportunity for restaurants to show off their best meals for the hungry, fasting crowd. The food business thrives as customers line up ...

Deaths from cancer and heart disease climb

Teenagers smoke in Cairo's Al-Darb Al-Ahmar neighborhood 

(Photo by Marwa Morgan)

Because of political uncertainty, Egypt is struggling to address the issue on nearly every level, from "commitment to action to implementation”, WHO officials say

Ramadan beneath the surface: Cinnamon baasto and gingered coffee

Somali pasta and pineapple juice

(Photo by Mohamed Anis)

Ramadan provides an annual opportunity for restaurants to show off their best meals for the hungry fasting crowd. The food business thrives as customers line up ...

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The art of fighting sexual harassment

Qahera, the hijab-clad super heroine fights harassers and protects women.

(Photo handout from Qahera- the Superhero Facebook page.)

“Shout Art Loud,” an interactive web documentary produced by the international non profit “Index on Censorship”, explores how art tackles the topic of sexual harassment ...

Resurgence of Papyrus plant poses potential ecological benefits

Ecologist John Gaudet, author of the new book, "The Plant that Changed the World", which outlines papyrus's past and future in Africa

(Photo Courtesy of John Gaudet)

The plant, most famed for its uses in Ancient Egypt as paper, is seeing a resurgence of late due to its environmental benefits

A survivor of ‘restriction attempts’, Al-Fan Midan receives monthly culture ministry grant

Eskendrella band performing at Al-Fan Midan

(Photo Handout from Eskenderella)

Just three months after festival organisers were arrested, accused of violating the Protest Law, Al-Fan Midan has secured funding from the Ministry of Culture

Gamal Abdel Nasser museum to open in 2015

Ministry of Culture to convert former president’s residence into museum displaying furniture, military awards and draft speeches

With no words, master mime says it all

Ahmed Nabil, Egypt’s first pantomime artist, has been ranked among the best 20 mimes in world

(Photo Courtesy of Ahmed Nabil)

Nabil, Egypt’s first pantomime artist, has been ranked among the best 20 pantomime artists in the world.

‘As if I brought it on myself’

An actress performs a monologue addressing gender issues in Egypt during one of BuSSy's theatre performances

(Photo Courtesy of BuSSy)

Egyptian women share stories of gender discrimination, harassment, and abuse on BuSSy's new blog

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Hunting for Eurobonds

Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics and Columbia University professor worries about “excessive borrowing” over the long term

Views split on sub-Saharan Africa’s debut in the international markets

Central African Republic: killings in the time of transition

A World Food Programme cargo plane arrives at the airport in Bangui where a camp for internally displaced persons has been set up.  

(Photo: UNHCR/ B.Ntwari)

Peace eludes nation in a rocky political transition

Rising from the ashes

Happy schoolboys, beneficiaries of Rwanda’s high primary school enrollment.  

(PYMCA/Alamy/Mischa Haller)

Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda makes huge development strides

Survey analysis on street vendors

Street vendors occupy marked out stall positions near Talaat Harb Street in Downtown Cairo in August 2012
(Photo by: Mohamed Omar)

By the Federation of Economic Development Associations (FEDA), With the Support of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

The special court for Sierra Leone rests – for good

The Sierra Leone Special Court ended operations in 2013 after trying former Liberian leader Charles Taylor (pictured) and other key figures in the Sierra Leonean civil war

(AFP File photo)

The court, ruling in April 2012, found Mr Taylor guilty of five counts of crimes against humanity, five counts of war crimes and one count of ...

One Year of Crackdowns



Since the 3 July military-backed ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi, the judiciary has been busy with a seemingly unending flow of high-profile trials, and arrests ...

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Once-leading Red Sea oceanography institute now lifeless

Two meter mummified turtle.

(Photo by Aya Nader)

Tourism restrictions, legal dispute keep visitors from discovering mermaid mysteries and underwater secrets

Walking with the Bedouins

Photo Courtesy of The Bedouin Way

Sleep under the starry heavens and get to know the desert dwellers

Tourism Assistance Fund aiming for 25% annual returns: Investment manager

Egypt’s Tourism Assistance Fund is looking for annual returns of 25% on investments, or $250m in the first phase of underwriting, according to Amr Askar, investment ...

Tax Authority agrees with tourism industry to divide new tax into installments: chairman

Installments will be based on each company’s circumstances

Hotels chamber demands property tax to be based on replacement value

Hotels have been suffering from the drop in tourism since 2011. 

(Photo from the Marriott Hotel website)

Using replacement value method would reduce property tax for Cairene hotels by 90%, says deputy chairman

Decision to not revoke licenses for floating hotels welcomed by industry’s chamber

Cruise prices to double due to diesel price hike.
(Photo from the Marriott Hotel website)

Chairman of Chamber of Floating Hotels says 90% of floating hotels have not worked for the past 3 years

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Egypt Cup goes to Al-Zamalek, Smouha left empty-handed

Alexandria’s Smouha mourns after league loss; miss out on cup title, beaten by Cairo giant Al-Zamalek in final

Egyptian football roundup: Smouha and Al-Zamalek in Egypt Cup final

Premier League winners Al-Ahly eliminated in semi-finals by Alexandrian side Smouha

Egyptian football roundup: Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek in Egypt Cup semi-finals

After narrow victories in quarterfinals, Cairo giants meet Smouha and Wadi Degla in semis

Germany crowned world champions in Brazil

Players of Germany lift the World Cup trophy after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana on July 13, 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

(Photo by Lars Baron - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Extra time goal Götze stuns Argentina and delivers Die Mannschaft fourth World Cup title

World Cup 2014 – Brazil’s dream turns into 7 goal nightmare

David Luiz of Brazil reacts as Mesut Oezil of Germany looks on after Germany's 7-1 win during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Semi Final match between Brazil and Germany at Estadio Mineirao on July 8, 2014 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 

(Photo by Felipe Dana - Pool/Getty Images)


First semi-final produces shocking result to send Germany through to the final

Egyptian football roundup: Al-Ahly triumph earns 8th successive title

Red Devils extend their list of trophies winning 37th league title after 0-0 draw with Smouha

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