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Government institution to pay fees for female candidates in parliamentary election

The case, filed in August, called for the dissolution of the assembly on grounds that President Mohamed Morsi signed the bill forming it into law a month after the parliament that drafted it was dissolved (AFP Photo)

At least 70 seats for women, Al-Sisi to appoint 14 women, 48 will run individually, says Mervat Al-Tallawy

Badie’s police station storming trial adjourned to 14 January

Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Mohamed Badie.

(AFP File Photo)

In separate case, Boulaq clashes trial adjourned to 11 January

Drive-by shootings of security personnel ‘difficult to prevent’: Analyst

Militants have been targeting police and army personnel since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi in June 2013, with the vast majority of attacks taking place in Sinai.

“This happens every week,” says analyst Mohamed Qadri Saeed

Al-Sisi ratifies electoral districts law amid concerns over fair democratic representation

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi ratified the electoral districts law Monday, establishing the basis for upcoming parliamentary elections.

(AFP File Photo)

Regulations do not weigh votes equally and will empower businessmen and Mubarak-era figures, says panel at CIHRS

Al-Sisi ratifies electoral districts law

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi 


President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi ratified Monday the electoral districts law after its cabinet approval earlier this month. [caption id="attachment_235599" align="alignright" width="257"]...

Egypt closes Salloum border amid Libya security woes

Egypt closes Salloum border amid Libya security woes


Border guards detain 151 illegal migrants attempting to enter Libya

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Aswan child dies from bird flu

The 10th death case due to virus throughout the past year

Azhar University expels 21 female students

Students protest at Al-Azhar University on Sunday.

(Photo from SAC)

Students expelled for writing offensives slogans against police and military

Police arrests 14 alleged Muslim Brotherhood members

Defendants charged with plotting against security personnel and judges

Al-Azhar to give lectures to counter ‘extremist ideologies’

Lectures are part Al-Azhar's efforts to combat extremism, says Secretary General of Al-Azhar's Islamic Research Academy

Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS militias in Syria

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) posted photos online of a captured Jordanian military pilot. The militants allegedly shot down a Jordanian fighter ...

Four released following detention after protesting Mubarak verdict

The Qasr Al-Nil Misdemeanour Court acquitted four detainees Wednesday, who were charged with protesting in the vicinity of Tahrir Square. The four protestors had been protesting against ...

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‘Closure of hotels makes them vulnerable to robbery’: Hotel manager

Photo of a Taba resort before the floods (Photo by Thoraia Abou Bakr)

Tourist investors in Taba and Nuweiba call for attention to their projects before they close down

2014 best economic year since January 2011: Cairo Centre for Economic and Strategic Studies

Following Morsi’s ouster on 30 June, government adopted austerity-style policies, Centre Head says

Wholesale mobile minute prices unified to Telecom Egypt: NTRA Executive Presiden

Mobile operating companies agreed on a unified price

Mobile operator companies have the right to be given a licence for fixed phone services in return for paying EGP 100m.

Al-Sisi obliges financial services, public sector to pay income tax electronically

Ministry of Finance is set to review the final draft of Egypt’s economic reform programme set to precede the acceptance of the country’s pending $4.8bn International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. (Daily News Egypt)

Finance minister said amendment helps managing public debt as it improves flow of tax revenues to the CBE

Three cooperation agreements signed in China

Egypt and Chinese Presidents sign cooperation agreements between the two countries 

(Photo Courtesy of Presidency)

Egyptian president met with leading Chinese tourism companies in Beijing

Egyptian exports of cross-border services via Internet worth $1.5bn by end of 2012

Egyptian exports of cross-border services via the Internet were worth $1.5bn by the end of 2012, according to research by the Fletcher School at Tufts University in collaboration with MasterCard and DataCash.

(AFP File Photo)

Egypt has the potential to be one of the fastest ten countries in the world in terms of digital economy during the next five years

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Saudi company acquires controlling stake in professional network Jobzella


We are taking advantage of a new round of investment by expanding to the Gulf, says Batrawi

Telecom Egypt experiences profits drop in 2014

Mobile operating companies agreed on a unified price

TE’s revenue amounted to EGP 9.1bn during the first nine months of 2014, compared to EGP8.3bn for the same period last year, according to a company ...

IBM predicts 50% growth in cloud computing in Egypt by end of 2015

The initiative aims to support local software companies in acquiring skills and expertise in cloud computing as a source of innovation in the region.
(AFP/File, Odd Andersen)

ITIDA and IBM launch 2nd phase of joint-initiative to help telecom SMEs enter new markets

Lenovo to lead Egyptian computer sales by end of 2015: CEO

Lenovo Group gained 20% of local computer sales, and acquired the second largest market share despite only selling laptops.

(AFP Photo)

Lenovo spends $3bn globally per year in research and development, says CEO YasserShaheen

30% growth target in 2015: Dell sales manager

Computer company Dell, must target a 30% sales increase in 2015, at the top end of the IT sector’s growth range of 20%-30%

(AFP Photo)

2014 figures targeted 20% growth, but company reached only a “not acceptable” 10%, says distribution sales manager

E-finance launches new “Banzenty” app

The electronic payment company E-Finance has entered into negotiations with Blom Bank Egypt, Crédit Agricole Egypt, The Arab Bank, the National Société Générale Bank (NSGB), the Arab Banking Corporation (ABC) and the Commercial International Bank (CIB) to provide them with Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. (Photo: Courtesy of Facebook Fan Page)

New app provides details on the nearest petrol station

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Photographs capture reactions as ‘Spiderman’ comes to Egypt

The photo session spotted the problems citizens deal with daily like transportation
(Photo from Facebook page)

A question popped into a group of friends’ minds and they decided to see the answer for themselves: “What if Spiderman landed in Egypt?!”

A parking lady or a hero?

Om heba has been working for 22 years as a parking lady to provide her children an appropriate life
(Photo by Nada Deyaa’)

Om Heba follows in her husband’s path and doesn’t believe in equality between women and men in work

Youth Innovation Camp to promote social justice in Egypt

Photo from Egyptian Streets

The camp attempts to provide a platform for young Egyptians to communicate their understanding of the term Social Justice

Go by OSN: Review

OSN Logo

For the first time in the region, the service gives film and TV series lovers access to a variety of media for a monthly subscription of ...

Celebrating International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

El Sawy Culturewheel organizes a seminar to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
(Photo by Nada Deyaa')

95% of women between 18-28 suffered from verbal, physical harassment in the street, 52% think the way they’re dressed is reason

10,000 children participate in the Global Hand Washing Day

In celebration of Global Hand Washing Day, "Lifebuoy" soap brand launches a National Hand Washing Campaign to raise awareness on the importance of hygiene
(Photo Courtesy of the campaign)

In celebration of Global Hand Washing Day, "Lifebuoy" soap brand launches a National Hand Washing Campaign to raise awareness on the importance of hygiene

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Middle-East’s first ever tattoo expo held in Cairo


Tattoo artists in Egypt speak about their experience working in the country

Media conflict leads to misunderstanding of selling Baron Empain palace

The Baron Empain wasn’t sold as the media controversy led into believing 
(Photo  Public Domain)

Antiquities official Youssef Khalifa confirmed that the government currently owns the palace and the heirs were compensated.

Indian Embassy in Egypt celebrates first Indian Yoga ministry

The instructor of the Indian Yoga centre in Egypt showing some movements help inhancing the mind and body power

Indian government spends over $100m on ministry’s scientific research

“Third Eye”: Mashrabia Gallery’s newest exhibition showcases young photographers

Photograph exhibited 
( Photo by Nadia Mounier)

Five young photographers with plenty of promise showcase their work

Writer Mohammed Magdy: My dark past created my bright present

Three years ago, Magdy lost all of his savings in a failure project and that what drove him to transfer his emotions into words 
(Photo by Rana Khaled)

The novels of the author succeeded at listing amongst the best seller novels for a long time at bookstores.

Controversy surrounds excavation of million mummy tomb

Jewelleries found around an arm of a mummy buried in the cemetery 
(Photo from BYU in Egypt Facebook page)

The contradiction occurred when the facts of the American team opposed the ones of the Egyptian antiquities sector.

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Farmers struggle to uphold property rights in land dispute with government

Hasan Adel Wahed said his farmland has been contaminated by sewage and other pollutants from nearby housing and real estate development projects

(Photo by Kenneth Changpertitum)

The Endowments Ministry is seeking to evict thousands of farmers in the Alexandria governorate in order to pursue real estate development

Gaza residents describe life in a city of ruins

The war in Gaza last summer left 18,000 housing units destoyred or severly damaged, according to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 
(Photo Palestinian  Interior ministry handout)

After war and donor conferences, humanitarian catastrophe looms in heavily populated strip

The return of the caliphate: between Islam and politics

(L) Coin from the Abbasid Caliphate in the year 765 that reads the Shahada “La Ilah Ella Allah, Mohamed Rassol Al- lah” (Islamic creed declaring belief in the oneness of God and the acceptance of Muhammad as God’s prophet), (R) coin of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), according to  Elijah J. Magnier , Al Rai Chief International Correspon- dent that reads “A Caliphate in the steps of the prophet” 
(Photo Public Domain)

ISIS is obsessed with the myth of the Mehdi, and is preparing for his reign, claim AUC professors

Racism, violence, exploitation afflict life of Sudanese refugees in Cairo

Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo, making demands from the United States and the International Organisation for Migration 

(Photo from Immigration and Sudanese Refugees Facebook page )

During the 2011 revolution almost 45,000 refugees came into Egypt because there was no supervision on the borders

Fear, violence and hardship part of everyday life in volatile North Sinai town

The site of the 11 November car bomb in Arish 
(DNE Photo)

Residents of Al-Arish are caught in the fight between militants and the military

Cairo University students react to security measures on campus

Cairo Univeristy Students protest on October,12 2014.

Students say security measures are necessary but criticise enforcement

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History, culture, and scenic grandeur on Mount Catherine

Mountain view of Saint Catherine village in Sinai.

(Photo by Eduard Cousin)

Besides the beautiful landscape of mountains, wadis and canyons, the traditional Bedouin society is a large part of the beauty of Saint Catherine.

Eid travel: Discover something new this year

The views from atop the Temple of the Oracle are also well worth seeing. You can look out over the palm trees in all directions and see the beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa

(Photo by Joel Gulhane)

Here are a few ideas to help you relax and a hide away from the crowds

Once-leading Red Sea oceanography institute now lifeless

Two meter mummified turtle.

(Photo by Aya Nader)

Tourism restrictions, legal dispute keep visitors from discovering mermaid mysteries and underwater secrets

Walking with the Bedouins

Photo Courtesy of The Bedouin Way

Sleep under the starry heavens and get to know the desert dwellers

Tourism Assistance Fund aiming for 25% annual returns: Investment manager

Egypt’s Tourism Assistance Fund is looking for annual returns of 25% on investments, or $250m in the first phase of underwriting, according to Amr Askar, investment ...

Tax Authority agrees with tourism industry to divide new tax into installments: chairman

Installments will be based on each company’s circumstances

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Real Madrid qualifies for FIFA Club World Cup

Real Madrid qualified for the FIFA Club World Cup final round, which began on 10 December in Morocco, after winning against Mexican team Cruz Azul.

Real Madrid carried on scoring points for this season by reaching its 21st consecutive win through several competitions.

Egypt hosts 30th Women’s World Open Squash Championship

Egypt is hosting for the second time the 30th edition of the Women’s World Open Squash Championship, after first hosting it in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2010.

The championship will host great challenges with the participation of English player Laura Massaro and Malaysian Nicol David, the first to win the title internationally for ...

Al-Attiyah wins Dubai Rally title through court ruling

Al-Attiyah wins Dubai Rally title through court ruling

Al Attiyah claimed that Al Qassimi changed routes during the rally. However, these claims were overruled, leading him to the court of appeals of the FIA, ...

African record for Sharkia Hockey Club

Sharkia Club continues its hockey achievements by entering the Guinness Book of Records as the club won the African Championship Hockey League, its 26th edition, making the 23rd African win in history, 12 consecutive African titles, a sports record in the Encyclopaedia of World Sport.

Sharkia team played six games before the final round, in which the team won five, and tied in one.

Thierry Henry – the king who gave up his wand!

French football gazelle Thierry Henry, also known as King Henry, bid farewell to the pitch, taking the decision to quit football at 37 to end a long career that extended 20 years in international pitches.

Henry was considered the best striker in the history of Arsenal, where he participated with Arsenal in a total of 377 games, during which scored 231 ...

Morocco: The Champion of Arab Golf


Morocco won the title after topping the rankings at the tournament, coming in first with a total score of 310 strokes, to preserve the title it ...

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