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Escalation of terror attacks expected: Interior ministry

An explosive device went off Monday in front of the High Court in downtown Cairo 

(Photo by Ahmed Al-Malky\DNE)

 Two civilians killed and 11 others injured in a bomb explosion in downtown Cairo

Lawyers Syndicate head says protesting members seeking association division

The head of Egypt’s Lawyer’s Syndicate, Sameh Ashour, has distanced himself from association members protesting the investigation of police officers accused of torturing lawyer Kareem Hamdy to death last week.

(Photo by Omar Qurashi\DNE)

Syndicate lawyers have protested  ban on media reporting the investigation of police officers and the Head’s connection with establishment

Islamist parties refuse ‘disgraceful’ Hamas terrorist designation

A Hamas policeman sits at his laptop in Gaza City on June 2, 2013

 (AFP/File, Mohammed Abed)

In February, Hamas’s military brigades were also designated as a terrorist group

African environment ministers return to Cairo after 30 years

The African leaders in the opening of the 15th session of AMCEN in Dusit Thani Lake View Hotel in Cairo.

The 15th AMCEN summit runs throughout this week

3 defendants face retrial in Cabinet Clashes case

Egyptian protesters hold a placard that reads in Arabic, "In heaven Sayed Amr" during a march in Cairo, on December 16, 2013, towards the Egyptian Cabinet to commemorate the second anniversary of the 2011 Cabinet clashes with security forces. Military forces dispersed a sit-in by young demonstrators outside the cabinet offices in which several protesters were killed and hundreds were injured on December 16, 2011. 

Lawyers’ Syndicate boycott of case still ongoing, say defence lawyers

Prosecutor General orders release of 120 in temporary detention

Lawyers yet to confirm, say they do not have names

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Economic Summit: Egypt’s economy in dire straits

Emad El-Sayed

The touchstone here is what comes after the conference, especially in the nature of companies that can invest in a country like Egypt, one that is ...

Al-Sisi’s Saudi visit to revolve around Economic Summit: SEBA head

The president headed to Saudi Arabia Sunday to meet with new Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, to discuss and promote bilateral ties between both countries.

(Photo Presidency Handout)

The president is set to discuss bilateral ties in Saudi Arabia

Arab Investment Bank plans Economic Summit participation

The Arab Investment Bank (AIB) is planning to participate in funding the proposed projects presented at March’s Economic Summit, board director Hany Seif El-Nasr announced on ...

Tourist turnout at restaurants is 15-45%

It is expected that an unusual boom will happen in the tourism sector in general during and after the March Economic Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh
(DNE File Photo)

Decline largely due to tourists’ appetite for shisha, not food, says Chamber of Tourist Restaurants member

New investment law to be issued beginning of March: Investment minister

Minister of Investemen  Ashraf Salman

(DNE Photo)

Any postponement of parliamentary elections would not affect Economic Summit, says trade minister

Economic Summit to set Egypt’s vision for investment climate: EJB

Investors relying on legislation reforms governing the investment climate during upcoming period

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Egypt denies meeting Houthi delegation

Yemen has seen a rise in violence as Houthi rebels entered the capital Sanaa

(AFP File, Gamal Noman)

Foreign ministry asserts supporting "legitimate state", says spokesman

Court adjourns trial of 68 defendants in revolution anniversary protests case

Relatives of defendants in 25 January trial case on 3 March managed to enter court,wave to them through dark glass cage ( Photo by Amira El-Fekki)

Judge said next session will continue to hear defence argument, asks for lawyers to settle disputes

Egypt condemns IS destruction of Iraq’s cultural heritage

Islamic State released a video of militants smashing monuments

Government limits collection of value of commodities, services to EGP: Cabinet

Prohibition does not apply to tourists in Egypt, said Cabinet spokesperson

Criminal court adjourns Muslim Brotherhood mass trial

Defence blames Brotherhood leaders for inciting followers to commit violence

Media gag imposed on Morsi’s Espionage Trial

Ousted president Mohamed Morsi

Media was recently prevented from reporting on several cases

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Qalaa Holding considers obtaining international funds

The company assigns Renaissance Capital to study this possibility
(Photo Courtesy of Qalaa Holding)

The company assigns Renaissance Capital to study the possibility

Visa, Samsung introduce mobile payment

Samsung Pay is designed to enable secure payments for a range of connected devices, says Visa

Pioneers Holding boosts capital by EGP 3bn

Pioneers plans to issue 170 million shares at EGP 17.63 per share
(Photo courtesy of Pioneers Holding website)

The company plans to issue 170 million shares at EGP 17.63 per share

Devaluation of EGP is due to US pressure: Shiha

The Cairo Chamber of Commerce divisions will submit an urgent memorandum to Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb that demands a review of the CBE's decisions 
(DNE Photo)

US dollar could be devaluated to EGP 6 or less with tight policies, says Medical Supplies Division head

Cairo Stadium orders suspension of Drive Championship’s 2nd round

Decision threatens sport, tourism, says Auto Club

Car sales grow 17% year-on-year in January

Photo courtesy of Automotive Market Information Council (AMIC) Report

8.2% reduction in locally manufactured cars, compared to 48% increase in imported cars

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15% growth expected in digital marketing industry this year

Ahmed Shabana, founder and director of Agzakhana.com

(DNE Photo)

Facebook subscribers in Egypt account for more than 18 million users.

Social media websites control online advertising market

There are approximately 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, with Facebook the most famous and most popular.

(AFP Photo)

Egypt’s digital marketing industry worth EGP 500m end of 2014: Study

Internet spread supports digital advertising takeover of marketing shares

Internet spread supports digital advertising takeover of marketing shares
(AFP Photo)

Marketing shares in Egypt for digital advertising is considered acceptable if we compare it to other countries.

Internet advertising accounts for 15% of 2014 market share

CEO of Dream Makers for Advertising Ahmed Sarhan

[caption id="attachment_253646" align="alignright" width="300"] CEO of Dream Makers for Advertising Ahmed Sarhan[/caption] The ...

How social networks changed marketing

The Internet’s development in Egypt and the increase in number of users have contributed greatly to the spreading of digital marketing activity lately. 

(AFP Photo)

The widespread use of social networks and the number of users and their rates of activity prompted companies to allocate a portion of their marketing budgets ...

Property Finder is a platform offering digital marketing solutions to real estate companies in Egypt: Country manager

Mohamed Hammad, CEO of digital marketing platform Property Finder

(Photo courtesy of Property Finder)

Property Finder considers the Egyptian market to be a strategic market due to its large population, exceeding 90 million people, in which more than 45 million ...

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ABnG Founders bring art to the desert

Deana Shabaan’s oriental and boho style representing the Caravan’s spirit
“Photo from Facebook”

Deana Shabaan’s designs occupy the heart of the store with their oriental and boho-style that sums up the store’s spirit perfectly.

Cairo left nostalgic for ‘The Sound of Music’

Part of the performance
“Photo handout to the Dailynews Egypt”

Excellent performance, poor organisation according to most reviews of Egypt's first Broadway experience

Ending Al-Bernameg is a message louder than anything that could ever be said: Bassem Youssef


I have a better shot of becoming first Middle Eastern President of US than getting The Daily Show, he says on Reddit

University students live the stock market moment


Model Egyptian Stock Exchange is taking place next week

Against all odds: Egyptians want more luxury brands

A Fendi Monster that is worth more than 500$
(Photo from Fendi Website)

The interior décor is classically timeless, while the stacked shelves are the main stars. Cavalli, Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more brand names are permanent ...

Cairo Japanese film festival begins 15 February

Scenes from films showing at the festival. (Photos form Facebook)

Renewed hopes theme seeks to inspire Egyptian audiences

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Ancient tomb discovered in Luxor

New tomb discovered in Qurna

(Photo from Ministry of Antiquities)

Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh El-Damaty announced that the tomb contains the monuments of Amenhotep and his wife, who likely belong to the 18th dynasty.

Review: Ahmed Al-Attar’s ‘The Last Supper’

The last performance of the team at the Falaki Theatre 
(Photo from Facebook page)

The latest showing in February was in Falaki Theatre (a few steps away from Mohamed Mahmoud Street), after which it will move on as the official ...

Towards a safer road attitude

Under the slogan “we will change” the Nada initiative launched its campaign 
(Photo from Facebook page)

The Nada Initiative launches its first campaign on road accident awareness

I write to tell the story of our generation: Novelist Yasser Ahmed

Ahmed’s novel, Reverse Course, won the 2012 Sawiris Prize in the young authors' category
(Photo Handout from Yasser Ahmed)

In his interview with Daily News Egypt, writer Yasser Ahmed revealed some secrets about the preparation of his first two novels, his favorite writers as well ...

Meem: An animation in the face of taboos

A post from Meem “I need 3Kms as my personal space”
(Picture from Facebook)

Meem, an average girl of no particular age or political and religious views, started speaking the minds of local women.

Egypt’s latest book on modern travel hits bookstores


In the book, Foa’ad draws several scenes in five of the countries he had the chance to visit for the reader, their atmosphere, history, the way ...

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Al-Sisi refuses intervention amid Egyptian-Turkish turmoil

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi (R) and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

(Photos Handout from Armed Forces and AFP)

Turkey pressured for better relations with neighbouring countries, support for Muslim Brotherhood incorrect policy, according to Turkish politicians

Egyptian parliament: To be or not to be?

(AFP File Photo)

Senior legal advisors say parliamentary law is unconstitutional

The ‘executions judge’ Nagy Shehata

Judge Nagy Shehata

Meet the man behind the Al Jazeera, Operations Room and Cabinet Clashes cases

Militant insurgency, curfew will restrict electoral process: Sinai political parties

DNE Photo


When asked about how the current insurgency will affect the electoral process, Hasona added that it will have a negative effect on both the voters and ...

Testimony of Air Defence Stadium killings: Romany Samir’s delay saved his life

Ultras members have clashed with police forces several times

(DNE photo)

“Security deliberately let crowds suffocate, attacked them, sat back and watched. I was not searched and there were about 30,000 in the stadium,” says witness

Black February: A new episode of the history of football stadium tragedies

Over 20 Zamalek supporters died from suffocation and stampede when police fired at the crowd at the entrance of the stadium

(Photo Public Domain)

Sunday's tragedy at Air Defence Stadium is second disaster for Zamalek fans after 1974, with Port Said massacre worst locally

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History, culture, and scenic grandeur on Mount Catherine

Mountain view of Saint Catherine village in Sinai.

(Photo by Eduard Cousin)

Besides the beautiful landscape of mountains, wadis and canyons, the traditional Bedouin society is a large part of the beauty of Saint Catherine.

Eid travel: Discover something new this year

The views from atop the Temple of the Oracle are also well worth seeing. You can look out over the palm trees in all directions and see the beautiful landscape surrounding Siwa

(Photo by Joel Gulhane)

Here are a few ideas to help you relax and a hide away from the crowds

Once-leading Red Sea oceanography institute now lifeless

Two meter mummified turtle.

(Photo by Aya Nader)

Tourism restrictions, legal dispute keep visitors from discovering mermaid mysteries and underwater secrets

Walking with the Bedouins

Photo Courtesy of The Bedouin Way

Sleep under the starry heavens and get to know the desert dwellers

Tourism Assistance Fund aiming for 25% annual returns: Investment manager

Egypt’s Tourism Assistance Fund is looking for annual returns of 25% on investments, or $250m in the first phase of underwriting, according to Amr Askar, investment ...

Tax Authority agrees with tourism industry to divide new tax into installments: chairman

Installments will be based on each company’s circumstances

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Legend star Ronaldo returns to stadiums

Brazilian star Ronaldo
(AFP Photo)

Ronaldo announced to Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and Inter-Milan that to play a football match, you have to match fitness criteria.

Spaniard Ferrer, Italian Errani win titles of Rio de Janeiro Open Tennis Championship

Spaniard David Ferrer

Ferrer, who is ranked 9th on the ATP, won the final game at the expense of his Italian rival Fabio Fognini, with 2 points to 6 ...

Formula 1 winter tests in Barcelona

The Barcelona circuit hosted the second round of the Formula 1 winter tests with the participation of nine teams.

[caption id="attachment_253224" align="alignright" width="289"]...

Al-Ahly maintains global lead despite CAF Super Cup loss


This is the first time for the Red Devils to lose in the Super Cup on penalties, after winning twice in 2006 and 2007, when the ...

Chris Bush to miss Miami Heights till end of season

chris bosh

hris Bush was chosen to join the Toronto Raptors as a professional player in 2003, after he participated in the NBA Draft. This has witnessed the ...

Djokovic and Serena Williams win Australian Open Tennis Championship

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, who is currently ranked the ATP’s world No 1, won the ’men singles’ competition against Andy Murray, who is ranked 6th internationally, with a ...

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